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Comfy but make it Fashion.

Do you ever have things to do and places to go, and you want to look cute but you're not in the mood to get all dolled up with your outfit?

Well, I got you covered. cute, fashionable, and comfy!

The number one key to fashion is feeling confident.

So make sure no matter what you are wearing, you feel good and have confidence.

Secondly, if you want to be more chill with your comfy outfit, you can pick out either legging or joggers, shorts, or a plain comfy tee-shirt dress.

If you feel like you want to dress your comfy outfit up a little more, some mom jeans are the perfect piece.

Now you need a shirt, okay any shirt can do, but it's how you style it, like for instance tying a little bit in the front, or tucking it in, tucking it half in half out (depending on the shirt)

If you're going for more of a chill, comfy look, a simple tee will do the trick, like a cute band shirt or a v neck.

But if you want to make it more dressed up, a cute band tee, with an added flannel to the waist and leather or jean jacket will make it pop.

A baggie/ loose-fitting sweater is a cute touch too.

Wearing a cute jacket, flannel, kimono, or cardigan to give it a little more flare.

Denim jacket, leather, suede jacket, fringe, so on.

Then onto the accessories. Remember that less is more!

So you can do a cute little baseball hat, a Beanie, a fedora, or a cute headband.

If you're not a hat person, you could always do a cute hair style!

Now let's talk jewelry; a good watch with matching bangles is my favorite. A simple necklace or if you like to add a little more stacking your simple necklaces is fun too. Then add some studded earrings is perfect.

If you're a purse person, add a cute bag that makes the outfit pop; for instance, if you're wearing two colors like black and white add a red bag.

Lastly, if you want to be strictly cute but super comfy, shoes add some sneakers that aren't worn down. But if you're going to dress it up a little more, you can add some combat boots, some knee-high or thigh-high boots, flats, or cute sandals if it's summer (;

Let's talk Makeup.

You can have a clean face (meaning no makeup), Or you can do a simple look, with just eyebrows, mascara (if you don't have lash extensions)

Some foundation, a little bit of contour, and you're good to go. Or you can make it pop and make your outfit stand out more with a full face.

Whatever you wear make it you're own, have fun with it, and be creative.

If you're still stuck and need more inspiration, I have a few tricks for you!

Step one: you can go to Pinterest type in "comfy, cute outfit," and it will give you loads of inspo; you can also type in what season you're in to help narrow down ideas.

Step two: you can go to Instagram type in the search bar the same thing "comfy, cute outfit," type the tag button, and there are also people who tagged their comfy, cute outfits!

Step three: you can go to the app LTK (Like To Know.) and look up the same thing, and there is also inspo there.

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