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Do you band? Like do you wear band tees?

if you do but need a little more inspiration on how to wear your band tee, I'm here to help!

I got just the style inspiration for you!

A band tee is cute but it can be even more adorable with the right outfit! You need a whole look, head to toe!

Graphic tees have become huge again; they are fun, you can wear them dressed up or dressed down.

The first thing you need, as I always say, is confidence; when you have confidence, it exudes out of you when you have the confidence, that's all you need to make you look and feel good.

But if you want a little more, then keep reading.

It would help if you had a plan. Are you dressing up? Or are you dressing down?

Dressing up you need to know what your activities are for the day because sometimes you'll put an outfit together not think it through, and then regret the shoe later.

That being said, let's get started;

Looking for a casual band tee look:

You need an oversized band tee, or a regular band tee just sized up with some biker shorts, a cute sneaker, a stacked neckless, a watch, and a cute bag will do!

In between casual and dressy look:

If you are going a little casual but also a little more dressy, then you can start with a regular size band tee, grab either a cute mini or midi skirt, or some denim shorts. Add a belt to either the skirt or the shorts. When you add the belt, make sure the tee is tucked in.

You can put a cute sneaker to it, then a cute hat and the hats that are are trending right now are fedoras.

Dressed up look: you'll need a regular sized band tee, a skirt (MIDI or mini), the shirt can be tied in a knot in the front or the side, or it can be tucked and add a cute belt. Then it would help when you choose your shoe, either booty, knee high boots with the mini dress, not the midi, or combat boots with a heel (my favorite is an excellent white pair, but any color will do)

Add some accessories: like stacked neckless, a fair statement watch, a bangle, and a pair of hoops or studded earrings. Lastly, add your hat and bag, and you're all set!

Band tees can be worn anywhere at any time; it just depends on how you dress them. Band tees are in trend right now, but it doesn't have to be just a band tee; it can be any cute basic tee or graphic tee. Tees are what are in right now.

Here is a collage of the band tees and accessories, which create a whole look.

A bonus tip.

When you want to dress up a look, it helps if you dress your hair and makeup. For instance, having your hair down in curls and wearing a little bit of makeup will help dress the outfit up.

If you want your outfit less dressed up, wear a baseball hat, a cute messy bun, or straighten hair.

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