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Let’s talk about being a woman about feeling good in whatever we want.

If you are a women with children, a women without children, a women who is older, or a women who is younger this is for you. This is for us!

Yes, I am a mom, yes I am a younger mom, yes, I'm a new mom. Yes, I am a mom of one.

No, I don't know everything about being a mom and

Neither does everyone else! Because we as moms are always learning! Every day, every age, our children change, grow, and this is when new challenges arise!

But just because you or I am not a mom of many or an older mom, or a mom for many years doesn't mean we can't share things that have to do with being a mom with other moms, young or new!

So since I love fashion and love being a mom, I thought I could share a few things that have to do with both together in one post!

Now being a mom can be tough, challenging, and a new journey. It can be hard to do things for yourself, and it can be hard to feel good about yourself!

(I'm preaching to myself here. )

But my passion for fashion will never leave me! No matter how hard it is to make myself look good or how challenging it can be with a soon to be one year older around while having chores and things to get done.

Do you ever feel like you wake up and put on a little bit of makeup and a cute Causal outfit or even a cute, comfy outfit on that you feel like you are put together and ready for the day? Well, I don't know about you, but I do!

It's like it helps me conquer the day, making me feel good about myself during the day.

By the way, this isn't just for moms, it can be women without children as-well.

Yes, yes, I know some days there's just too much to do around the house, or the kid or kids are being crazy and having an off day, so those days you get through the day as best as you can! I get it; those days, I don't go anywhere if I have to, and I try to remember that those days aren't every day, and to be honest, we are grown. So no, the house doesn't always have to be picked up, and yes, you can have everyone eat leftovers or something comfortable that's microwaveable. Who cares, and if the husband does care, then sorry, it's not like it's every day, some days you have to enjoy the chaos and live in that moment because your kids won't be as young as they are forever, and sometimes we all need a day to take it slow and easy and be there and present.

Anyways. that's just encouragement moment, lol

encouragement is good!!!!!

Now let's get to the fun things!

Fashion, clothes, and getting dressed!

So for me, there are times where I'll be at a store or online shopping or even just in my closet, and I'll think something is super cute.

Then I'll be like, wait; I'm a mom, so is this okay for me to wear? Like as a mom, can I wear this still? Or can I wear this new trend? Or Will I be judged?


Like who the heck cares!!!! First off, whoever (society) put this kind of thinking in my brain needs to shove it up to their ***. Just because we are moms doesn't mean we can't dress or be who we were before we were moms! We are more than only mothers! We are humans, and we are more than just being a mom. And don't get me wrong, I seriously love love love being a mom, it's one of the greatest blessings, and I'm so very thankful I was able to be one! But I am also (Megan) fashionable, fun, structured chaos, adventurous, and so much more.

There doesn't need to be a judgment in how women decided to dress. Worry about yourself, your kids, your significant other, and that's it.

Let women or (men, but I'm just speaking to moms basically, lol) feel good. Young old, a mom, a mom of one, a mom of many, Rich, poor, chaotic, or put together.

Instead of feeling our head with what society wants us to be like, we fill our head with love, acceptance, understanding, encouragement, and confidence!

Wear that cute mini skirt and ripped up shorts.

Just be classy about it, like make sure that your junk is hanging out (I mean, if you do, that's it isn't for me to judge) but know that people will be looking...

But besides the point, just because you older or a mom doesn't mean you can't be "hip" and trendy.

Because YES, you can! Wear the latest trends and styles, young, old, or a mom! I cringe and get sad inside when someone tells me, oh, that's so cute. I'd love that if I wasn't "old," or I'd wear that if I wasn't a mom like who the heck caressssss do it. If it fits you, you feel good, and your privates aren't hanging out, do it!

So yes, you can wear whatever you want no matter who you are and what title you carry!

Here are some of my fave inspos of what's trending, and yes imma wear it now, and even if I was older(;

Remember you are more than what title you carry, and you can do, be and wear whatever you want!

There will always be judgers and haters, but hey, at least they are looking (;

inspiring outfits for each occasion!

A cute comfy look:

A cute casual fit:

Going outfit :

shorts outfit:

Special occasion fit:

band tee fit:

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