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Thank you 2020.

This year was definitely like no other year. It had its hardships, but through it all I am tremendously grateful. This year has taught me so much about myself. I was super pregnant by the end of 2019 and was getting ready to deliver our sweet boy while also hearing rumors of a scary virus that was going on in other parts of the world. I learned that my body was physically healthy enough to carry a baby and not only that but also deliver a baby as well. My body was incredible. Six pushes, and our son was here; I never thought my body would be able to do that. This year, I also learned how strong I was emotional; becoming a new mom is scary and challenging, especially with no family around and through a pandemic. 2020 taught me how to be a mother. I am thankful for this year because I am alive, but two because I became a mom to our sweet boy, and I learned that I could conjure about anything.

I don't know about you, but 2020 was great to me. The greatest blessing was becoming a mother. The birth of our son made this year all incredibly worth it. I will forever be thankful for 2020; it was the day my life was changed completely; I will forever remember because our son was born; I experienced a love I can't even explain because it is so indescribable.

Don't get me wrong; I feel incredibly saddened for those who have battled tremendously with this years hardships regarding health, death, loss of job/business, and other. But to grow and move on from this year and welcome a better year, you need to focus on joy.

Bringing a positive attitude and positive energy into 2021.

To have positive outcomes, you have to be positive, think positive, and speak positively. Nothing good ever comes from a negative mindset.

I could have focused on how hard this year was on me because I gave birth in a pandemic, and as a new mom I wasn't able to experience being a mom outside our house walls. Or the fact that I couldn't see my whole family or have them meet our son until he was almost seven months. There are many aspects I could focus on and be negative about 2020, But I am choosing joy and positivity. I want to bring positivity into my life, and my family. I want my son to grow up and know that you can still choose joy and positivity even in the hardships.

To have a positive mindset, you need first to surround yourself with positive people and secondly you need to stay positive no matter the circumstance. Roy. T. Bennet said, "The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things in your life."

Here is to 2021 the new year!

I am proclaiming great things and great memories to come. I am speaking it, I am claiming it, and I am receiving it. I pray all good comes, and even if there is a hardship, I will stay positive and look for the good in any mist of any storm. God bless you all. Stay safe, stay healthy, and remain joyful. Goodbye, 2020. Thank you for the great memories and an incredible 11 months of life with our son! Happy New year!!!What will you be proclaiming for your life this year?

What will you be proclaiming for your life this year?

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