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The fun during the holidays.

First there was Halloween. what did you do for Halloween? My family dressed up, and handed out candy, nothing big. Our son was 8 months during Halloween and felt like he wouldn't had wanted to be in his stroller long so we decided next year when he's fully walking well enjoy going around the neighborhood tricker treating. Did you dress up as a family? We dressed up as the circus, I was the Lion tamer, my husband was the circus staff,( he wore a shirt that as circus staff), our dog was the clown, and our sweet boy was the Lion. It was fun and cute. I made my outfit by putting it together with some pieces from amazon and some from my closet. We bought my husbands shirt from amazon, along with our dogs outfit ,and our baby's.

Secondly, it is what I call fall fun, which also includes Thanksgiving. Did you go to a pumpkin patch this year? It was our first year going as a family (minus our pup).

I love being able to go tp the patches, theres always so much to do and its so fun being able to take cute pictures and have fun together with whomever you go with. My favorite parts are the pictures, and petting zoo, my sone loved the hayride, and the petting zoo. Since my husband has been in the military and since we have been married, our thanksgiving haven't been with the family, he has been deployed three times during the holidays, and I always had to choose between going to Texas with my family for thanksgiving to Christmas and Christmas is my favorite holiday. Last year we actually had our first thanksgiving together, I was pregnant then, so we didn't want to travel too much. We had a quiet little dinner together,watched movies together after, and then went blackfriday shopping. This year we are a full family, and we are going to be with friends for thanksgiving day so I am excited.

Lastly, is Christmas and New Years. My favorite time of the year. Everything from the Christmas lights, to the Christmas trees, and the Christmas music; makes me feel warm and joyful. If I had to choose from having my birthday or Christmas, I would 100% choose Christmas. For Christmas we always fly to Texas, my mom has always gone above and beyond for Christmas, so it is extra special. We always go to a place called Santas Wonderland, its full of lights, and Christmas fun. Then we go to a lot of other Christmas festival places, it helps you get into the Christmas spirit and its so much fun. Last year my mom started a new tradition to have a Christmas themed party/get together, I wasn't able to make last years so I am very excited about this year. Last year my mom had the theme The Grinch and this year we are doing Santa, so we will wear red and everyone will wear a Santa hat. The party will have loads of games, festive food and drinks ,and of course music. The food will be themed as well, the veggie plat will be made as a Santa, the drinks will be red, you get the picture? On Christmas Day we wake up, my mom has the Christmas parade on ,and we wait for everyone to wake up. When everyone has got up, we start with the stocking that are stuffed, then we open presents. After the presents we clean up, then my mom will make brunch. After the brunch we get all dressed up so that all the rest of our family comes over or we go to their house to celebrate together has a big family.

On New Years Eve we also have a party, but this time we get all dressed up in anything shiny and fun. We have loud music, good drinks, and fireworks. Then on New Years day, we have the family get together and have the traditional new year foods to bring "good luck (or blessings), wealth ,and health into the new year.

What are your tradition for Thanksgiving, Christmas ,and the New Years? What are your favorite things to do during this time of year?

Have a happy holidays!

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