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The Most Joyful time of The Year, We Need It.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

2020 has been rough for all of us, to say the least.

It has been a very rough year for many, but we can all look a little deeper inside this year and search for something to be grateful for. For me, it has been the birth of our son and the fact that my husband was able to be home a lot more with our son and me for the first few months to help me with our newborn and spend time together as a new family. I know that days, weeks, and months can be rough for a lot of people this year and For me, it has been hard lately because my son has been having a hard time with daylight savings and he's trying to get on a "new schedule," which means waking up extra extra early in the morning and having weird naps times, therefore means less sleep for me and less time to get things done. Also, he's cutting his top two teeth, so he's very fussy, and daddy is not home but one day out of the week, since things are going back to normal at his job. So the other night, I was having a rough night, and I needed a little pick me up, it has been super chilly out and has been feeling more like fall around here, so I decided to put some Christmas music on. Let me tell you that it made me feel so warm inside and just uplifted my spirit.

Decorating for Christmas before thanksgiving, say what?!

Yes, yes, I know, Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet. For many, it is a normal thing to decorate before Thanksgiving, and have been doing this for years now. Still, for my family and me, we usually wait until the day after ThanksgivingThanksgiving. It is a tradition to have ThanksgivingThanksgiving, go Black Friday shopping early in the morning, and then come home and stay up decorating for Christmas with Christmas music. But this year is very different from any other year. We all deserve to feel joyful and have some cheer. So for me, it's decorating early. I want to be able to feel as much Christmas cheer as long as possible. I am starting right now, after this blog post! I am very excited about it this year because one like I mention above, this year has been rough, but for two, I get to decorate our new house this year, and I get to do it with my husband and my son. Last year we had just moved into our home, and I was super pregnant, and other years my husband has always been gone on deployment. This year we can finally start new traditions and celebrate together as a family.

I encourage you to do something that makes your spirit happy and feel some joy.Will you be decorating for Christmas early or will you be waiting until after Thanksgiving? What are your holiday traditions?

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